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Google refuses to act on your DMCA takedown notice? Try this.

Last year I submitted a request to Google under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act to take down a page on their blogger service that was using a photograph of mine without copyright permission. It was a clear copyright violation – the photo was even of me personally! They refused, stating that I’ll need to get […]

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awaiting friend confirmation …

A few months ago I tracked down an old friend of mine, Daniel Strandberg,¬†on Facebook. I met Daniel when I first moved to Stockholm some years ago. I was single and spending too much time on SprayDate. I don’t quite recall how we connected – I think through some of the girls I chatted to […]

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Wolfram|Alpha is live! A different kind of search engine

A new tool in the search engine arena has today been opened to the public – Wolfram|Alpha. Unlike search sites such as Yahoo or Google, which attempt to catalogue the entire internet and provide links to anything you can think of, Wolfram|Alpha does something different – it focuses on the numbers, it’s a “computational knowledge […]

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