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How to turn a Fan into a Foe

I’m developing a health & fitness/wellness website using Joomla and I wanted individual users to have a personal calendar where they could record their training appointments etc etc. While there’s a variety of “event calendars” available, they’re all focused on providing the website owner with the ability to promote “events” and have members register their […]

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Private forums with GroupJive and Kunena

I’m currently building a multilingual health focused community site, FitTogether (note: at time of writing still under construction!). We’re using Joomla 1.5 along with a variety of third party components, including Community Builder, GroupJive and Kunena forum components. GroupJive allows you to create private and public groups that site members can create and join. It has the […]

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ZipCodeShop – a word of warning

For the past year I’ve been involved in developing a social networking type website where we wanted the ability to do a “radius search”, ie you could for example ask for a list of all site members who live within 10km of you, or all health food stores etc etc. The site is being built on the Joomla […]

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Wolfram|Alpha is live! A different kind of search engine

A new tool in the search engine arena has today been opened to the public – Wolfram|Alpha. Unlike search sites such as Yahoo or Google, which attempt to catalogue the entire internet and provide links to anything you can think of, Wolfram|Alpha does something different – it focuses on the numbers, it’s a “computational knowledge […]

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Time perception and IT jobs

It’s well known in the IT/Computer field that pretty much every task or project takes at least 2-3 times longer than you will think. If you estimate something will take 3 hours, it will actually take 6-9 hours. If you think it will take 3 months, it will actually take 6-9 months etc etc. The […]

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What do “normal” people do?

I’ve been hearing good reports about Microsoft’s Windows Home Server so I thought I’d download the free 120 day evaluation and set it up on one of my spare PCs. Home Server is designed to be a simple setup easy for the average user to install and configure and connect their home PCs to. It […]

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Migrating to a new IIS7 install from IIS6

I recently sold the web hosting client base of my company Asgard Web Technologies and have been shutting down the US servers where the clients were hosted. Since I have a whole bunch of my own sites plus look after a few for some friends I spent a while hunting around for a new hosting […]

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