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Just launched my new health blog:

I just launched my new blog focusing on health issues, particularly nutrition. Only a couple of posts up so far, but there’ll be many more to come!

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Is PR more important than PR when it comes to PR on the internet?

Yesterday I came across a blog entry on the website of a Swedish TV company by one of their “personalities” in which he essentially stated that one of the world’s largest and most succesful direct selling companies was an illegal enterprise. (Headline translated to english: Quatro, Amway, and other pyramid scams). I don’t watch a […]

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Time perception and IT jobs

It’s well known in the IT/Computer field that pretty much every task or project takes at least 2-3 times longer than you will think. If you estimate something will take 3 hours, it will actually take 6-9 hours. If you think it will take 3 months, it will actually take 6-9 months etc etc. The […]

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First post

Well, this is the first post! I’ve been running a bunch of sites and an Amway focussed blog for many years, but I thought I might start a “personal” blog just to write about whatever takes my fancy at the time. So here it is –! I have eclectic interests so expect this blog […]

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