Last year I submitted a request to Google under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act to take down a page on their blogger service that was using a photograph of mine without copyright permission. It was a clear copyright violation – the photo was even of me personally! They refused, stating that I’ll need to get back to them with a court request.

Last week I submitted another DMCA takedown request to Google, this time on behalf of my company TribeTech. A Google blogspot blogger had posted a page that was almost entirely a copy of a page from one of our websites – a clear copyright violation. We got another refusal –


Thanks for reaching out to us.
At this time, Google has decided not to take action. We encourage you to resolve any disputes directly with the individual who posted the content.

If you cannot reach an agreement and choose to pursue legal action against the individual who posted the content, and that action results in a judicial determination that the material is illegal or should be removed, please send us the court order seeking removal. In cases where the the individual who posted the content is anonymous, we may provide you with user information pursuant to a valid third party subpoena or other appropriate legal process against Google Inc.

The Google Team

Now, I have other pages in similar situations so I responded to google asking them for some more information on their policy, so that I don’t waste their (or my) time further submitting the DMCA takedown requests if they’re not going to act. I also pointed out (truthfully) –

I’m aware that this means Google has chosen to forgo its rights under the DMCA “safe harbor” provisions. Given the copyright material in question is involved in several multinational lawsuits involving millions in potential damages I am more than a little surprised by this.

Surprise, surprise less than a day later (on a Sunday no less!) I get this response –


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Once again, in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have completed processing your infringement notice. The following URLs will be removed from Google’s search results shortly:

Apparently Google only follows “do no evil” if it’s going to cost them money! It remains unclear whether the page is going to be removed from only the search engine results or from their blogspot service as well.