LIFE-US-USA-STATUSLike most people I was shocked when I heard President Obama had won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. My first instinct was to ask “for what??!?!?!?”. The more I think about it though, the more I realise how much Obama has done.

Now, remember this is not an American view, it’s the view of an Australian, and a european-based one at that, but think about it – just by getting elected Obama completely changed the direction of the world’s sole superpower. From our perspective (the world, not America’s) the last 8 years has seen the US turn from a force of good in the world into one of, well, not evil, but certainly not good. It was a country that was using and endorsing torture. It was a country that was supporting imprisonment without right to a trial. It was a country that had invaded a country under false pretenses and re-ignited the cold war with Russia. It was a country that was attempting to “lead” not through leadership, but fear.

All of that has now changed. America is once again the most admired country in the world. Instead of picking fights, the world’s sole superpower is now working to prevent fights.

How could you contribute more to world peace than that?